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Golf Solitaire Overview

The best of Golf Solitaire is a guaranteed hole-in-one! Take a walk down the fun fairway of solitaire golf in this sporty twist on the classic card game. Like the sport, Golf Solitaire gives you the chance to play on different levels based on your ability. We have our pitch-and-putt easy level for beginners; but if you consider yourself a Golf Solitaire pro, you should try your hand at all nine holes of the hard difficulty level. Whatever your Golf Solitaire handicap is, we hope you get the rub of the green and enjoy this free online version of Golf Solitaire.

How to Play Golf Solitaire

Your target is to remove all of your cards from the tableau one at a time! Each tableau has seven stacks, with five cards in each of them; however, only the top card of each stack can be played. This means that rest of the 52 cards are in stock. These are opened one at a time and are placed into the Golf Solitaire foundation. Any of these top cards can be used on the foundation so long as they follow the standard of sequence and color — suit doesn't matter! If nothing seems to be available, go through the Golf Solitaire stock, but be careful you don't end up in a bunker as once it's gone, there's no coming back!
Your score is calculated by the time it takes you to complete the game, the number of moves you take, and how many cards are left in stock. You want your Golf Solitaire score to be as low as possible, so ensure you take these factors into account when playing. If, at any point you get stuck, you can press the hint button on your screen. You can also undo your last move if you really weren't happy with it! Finally, if you need any more information on the rules of Golf Solitaire, just hit the help button on the menu.

Fun Facts about Golf Solitaire

  • Golf Solitaire gets its name as it shares the same principles as the sport itself, with the aim being to score the lowest number of points possible over the course of nine holes (or deals).
  • When calculating your Golf Solitaire handicap, factor in that roughly 26% of Golf Solitaire games are won!
  • Did you know that Golf Solitaire relies heavily on skill over luck, so keep practicing, and maybe you can become a Golf Solitaire pro!
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